SATURDAY May 13th- WODS Start at 8am SHARP!

SATURDAY May 13th- WODS Start at 8am SHARP!




Babes & Beards Competition - Same sex teams + Co-ed teams

RX - You know who you are. No sneaking into the Scaled division!

Scaled - You know what you're doing but those Rx weights are a bit much. No problem, we've got you covered.

Masters-Diapers/Depends - 40 and Over? 18 and Under? A little of both?

Weightlifters - A little more weight, a little less cardio!!

FOUR killer WODs testing strength, strongman skills, cardio and gymnastic ability

THREE gallons of sweat guaranteed

TWO athletes per team

ONE hour total from start to finish, no waiting.


Cost is $130 per team - professional pictures included. Awards and prizes for all podium finishers!

Scaled, Rx & Masters WODS (Yes, we are giving them to you now!)

WOD 1: 10 Minutes To Find Your 1 Rep Max Of:
Clean & Jerk

All weight lifted will be in kilos. Partner 1 will have 4 minutes and 30 seconds to find 1 rep max. 1 minute transition time between partners. Weight must be stripped from the bar and put back after each partner lifts. Score is total weight lifted between both team members.


WOD 2: 10 Minute AMRAP
10 Bench Press (Scaled: 65/105, Rx: 85/135, Masters: 75/115)
10 Deadlift (Scaled: 85/135, Rx: 155/225, Masters: 115/185)

1 Team member works at a time and completes 1 full round before switching. Score is total reps.


WOD 3: 10 Minute AMRAP
A) Assault bike for max calories
B) 10 Box Jumps (20” For Scaled, 24" For Rx & Masters)
15 KB Swings For Scaled (35/55), 6 Chest To Bar Pull Ups/Bar Muscle Ups For Rx, 15 Toes To Bar For Masters
20 Wall Balls (14/20 to a 9 ft Target For All Divisions)

WOD A will be max calories on the assault bike and WOD B will be total number of reps. Athletes can split the work up as they see fit.


WOD 4: For Time
Each Partner Will Perform:
10 Atlas Stones - Ground To Shoulder (Scaled & Masters: 40/70, Rx: 70/90)
100 Meter Sandbag Sprint (Scaled 40, Rx & Masters 80)
100 Meter Sled Pull (Scaled 65/105, Rx & Masters 105/150)

Tickets are transferrable but non-refundable.